Tallene is the largest continent on Ava and the home of some of the grandest kingdoms as well as the home of the majority of the Elder Races

There are 16 prominent kingdoms on Tallene as well as many areas not claimed by any kingdom but inhabited by ancestral tribes and clans. The most prominent kingdom on Tallene is Nockmora, followed by Gondor, Azeroth, Arcraum, Ardon, Karnar, Stygia, Isfastan, Shinoa, Ronokoe, Erikian, Galadorn, Manarr, and the ancient kingdoms of Rhovanion, Midgard, and Skorne.

The far north as well as many areas in the southern desert are inhabited by tribes of humans and other humanoid races. The most prominent of these are the Aesgardians, the Cimmerians, and the Hyrkanian, while the minor ones include the Tamianin, the Skarren, the Arnoi, the Mistji, the Nelwyns, the Zeidians, and the Ogier.

Their is a large unpopulated area in central Talllene that is considered uninhabitable by most races and is know as the Blasted Lands, the outskirts of this area is heavily populated by the Orcish Hoard and other races allied with the forces of darkness.


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